Hey there, I’m Rohan, and welcome to my travel blog!

I’m a freelance Creative Consultant with serious case of wanderlust. I love traveling to wherever the wind takes me, and being immersed in different cultures. So far, I’ve managed to scour 57 different destinations and counting! It could have something to do with living in 11 different countries growing up…

STILL! I can’t keep put, and I value all the experiences that this globe has given me. I hope through my experiences, I can share and educate others about some of the truly incredibly sights I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing, and of the superb hospitality of many of the people I’ve been honoured to meet. In fact,  the only way I can think of articulating what it means to travel is to use this quote:

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

Never was a truer word said.

On a side note, I quit my job as an International Creative Art Director,to follow my dream of promoting educational reform through Creative Thinking. So far, it’s probably my most exciting journey yet 🙂

Rohan George
Freelance Art Director, Aspiring Entrepreneur and World Traveller